Foundry and smelting operation

From the beginning the oxygen circulating cupola furnace has been the heart of the company. With a capacity of 30 tons of melted iron per cast day the aggregate is perfectly suitable with the Lütgert & Co. GmbH requirements. The exceptional efficiency of the cupola furnace is a clear benefit due to the good energy balance and the beneficial resource situation. This is only one reason for the renaissance of the furnace in engineering.

Cleaning of a special component 
Cleaning of a special component
Narrow reinforcement ribs 
Narrow reinforcement ribs
Tapping the furnace 
Tapping the furnace

One of the company´s leading success factor is the consistent performance investment and optimization in the forming area. A component warehouse with thousands of individual elements as well as own developments and the construction of intelligent moulding machines ensures a free model construction with nearly all rotationally symmetrical elements out of gray cast.

The principle of iron melting and casting has been preserved over the years. The process development with the moulding, compressing and filling of the sand forms as well as with emptying and cleaning has developed drastically. Lütgert & Co. GmbH is leaders and constantly investing in the construction processes.

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