Balancing according to DIN 1940

Schenck's state-of-the-art computer-controlled balancing machines can be used to balance rotationally symmetrical workpieces in one or two levels according to DIN ISO 1940 in quality grades G16, G6 , 3 or G2.5. The aim is to achieve optimum smoothness with maximum performance and absolute precision. The balance and the measured residual imbalance are measured and documented in certificates according to DIN EN 10204 if required.

Also standard drive elements , which are purchased as merchandise from Asia with balancing quality G16 , can be rebalanced on customer request to a higher quality level.

In addition to the balancing of drive elements from our own production, we also offer the balancing of customer-specific components. There are numerous balancing recordings available for various demands.

Balancing of a special pulley 
Balancing of a special pulley

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