Pulleys for special applications (special drive pulleys)

We are satisfied when our customer has found an optimal solution. Therefore we offer not only specifically developed and produced special drives and special -purpose solutions , but also standard geometries.

Two-part drive pulleys can be optimally installed if an axial shaft implementation is not possible or very difficult. Important fields of application are hydro-electric power stations or ship engines paper machines.

In elevator construction, grid pulleys are used, especially due to the optimal weight relations and the possibility to keep abrasive bulk materials away from the belt. With these vertical conveyors (bucket elevators) we also use the proven rubberized drive pulleys reducing the slip of the elevator belt significantly.

The use of synchronous drives (lock washer drives) is very common and we can produce them – for all other sorts of pulleys – up to a 2,500 mm diameter.


We use the variety of specific drive tasks for constant development and optimization. This applies for geometries , weights, materials and the drive elements design also the proof and documentation of product properties.

For decades our customers have really valued being able to get the complete drive from one provider.

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