Timing belt pulleys

For slip-free drives and high power transmissions

Timing belt pulleys are important drive elements for a slip-free synchronous drive. We produce pulleys for all special and common profiles of leading providers. The scope of supply includes standard bearing plates as well as optimized custom-made products up to 2.000 mm in diameter.

All geometries can be easily produced due to a flexible, model-free moulding process. Timing belt pulleys can be produced from batch sizes larger than 1 piece for urgent replacement parts, prototypes, zero-series models or series according to individual requests or drawings.

Implementation is also possible with alternative materials (EN-GJS, steel, aluminum, plastic etc.).

In close cooperation with the customer we develop the optimal solution for individual drives.

With toothed belt and corresponding timing belt pulleys there are optimally compatible belt drives available.



With toothed belt and corresponding belt sprockets there are optimally compatible belt drives available.

Belt sprocket 
Belt sprocket
Belt sprocket 
Belt sprocket
Belt sprocket 
Belt sprocket

At a glance

  • Standard material: cast iron, steel, aluminum and plastic are also possible
  • Weight-optimized custom-made products available
  • Shaft-hub connections with cylindrical drill, tolerance field for press fittings, with or without keyway, preparations for the intake of couplings, flanges etc.
  • Arm or plate pulley designs
  • Also custom-made products > Ø 2.500 mm
  • By default timing belt pulleys are balanced in grade G16, G6.3 or G2.5
  • All surfaces are grounded to avoid corrosion, processed functional surfaces are conserved with spray wax / oil
  • Individual surfaces and special varnishes as well as corrosion protection are possible according to individual specifications
  • Upon request we offer detailed documentation to prove material properties, balancing qualities and surface treatments

The benefits

  • Custom-made products according to individual customer specifications or drawings
  • We support with drive setup, control, recalculation and optimization
  • Pulley geometries are optimally adjusted to the corresponding drive situation
  • If required full transparency due to approval drawings prior to production start or for detailed documentation
  • Flexible molding procedure without individual models and model cost
  • This allows fast production of prototypes, individual parts or series without any investment risk
  • Short-term availability of urgent replacement parts in case of machine breakdown

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