Surface treatment: Varnishing and rubber coating

If required, casts can be protected against corrosion by passivation or priming. Completely machined components are also coated by passivation or priming according to customer specifications. In the paint shops coatings are applied individually by hand taking into account the area of ​​application of the components, according to the desired color and the corresponding properties.

Priming with 1K- or 2K-varnishing system is standard. Parameters like the wet bulb temperature, dew point and temperature are recorded upon request in a coating protocol and can be documented via a qualified certificate. After the drying process , the control of the layer thickness follows and an adhesion sample can be obtained, e. g. by cross -hatching test in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2409.

Rubberized pulley 
Rubberized pulley

Standard merchandise products from the Far East are often available with a phosphate surface. This galvanization process can also be offered for custom-made products.

Flat belt pulleys as drive elements for bucket elevators (belt pulleys) can be provided with a friction layer of different rubber linings (also oil and grease resistant or food safe ).

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