Flat belt pulleys for Taper-Lock tension bushes

We offer flat belt pulleys to DIN 111 as standard with universal shaft-hub connection via Taper-Lock bushings - the economical solution for standardized flat belt drives in a flexible system.

The advantages lie in a large assortment with extensive stock and fast availability. Flat belt pulleys for Taper Lock clamping bushes are available from stock in all common diameters.

By default the pulleys are balanced in grad G16. Grades G6.3 or G2.5 are available upon request.


Flat pulley 
Flat pulley
Flat pulley 
Flat pulley
Flat pulley 
Flat pulley

At a glance

  • Standard material: cast iron EN-GJL-200 (gg-20) DIN EN 1561
  • Alternative materials available upon request
  • Produced according to DIN 111
  • Also available with rubberized belt surface
  • By default balanced in grade G16, grade G 6.3 or G 2.5 also upon request
  • Surfaces primed / burnished by default
  • Individual surfaces and special varnishes according to customer specifications
  • Documentation of residual unbalance and surface treatments
  • For circumferential speeds up to 42 m/s
  • Rim widths > 750 mm is possible
  • In case of DIN discrepancies, need of exclusive geometries, intermediate sizes or faster circumferential speeds custom-made-products are possible with alternative materials (EN-GJS, steel, aluminum, plastic etc.)

The benefits

  • Optimal price-performance-ratio for standard flat belt drives
  • Short-term availability from extensive stock
  • Flexible Taper Lock clamping bush system
  • Applicable with or without feather key
  • Easy drive setup, simple installation and dismantling
  • Rubberized surfaces for optimal grip available
  • Applicable with or without wedge

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