V-belt pulleys with cylindrical drill

The classic for v-belt pulleys according to DIN 2211. Individually applicable, pre-drilled or drilled to finished dimension according to customer specifications and equipped with groove and set screw.

Benefits are the extensive range with a huge storage warehouse and fast availability. V-belt pulleys in with SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC profiles are available in all standard diameters in the warehouse.

Standard ready drilled v-pulleys are balanced in grade G16, G6.3 and G2.5 are possible upon request.


Base pulley 
Base pulley
Bearing plate SPZ profile pre-drilled 
Bearing plate SPZ profile pre-drilled
Cone pulley varnished 
Cone pulley varnished

At a glance

  • Standard material: cast iron EN-GJL-200 (GG-20) DIN EN 1561
  • Alternative materials such as steel or EN-GJS possible
  • Produced according to DIN 2211
  • SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC profiles
  • From Ø 50 x 1 x SPZ to Ø 630 x 6 x SPC
  • By default balanced in grade G16, G6.3 and G2.5 are possible upon request
  • Surface primed/ burnished by default
  • Surfaces and special varnishing according to customer specifications
  • Documentation of residual imbalances and surface treatments
  • For circumferential speeds up to 42 m/s
  • In case of DIN deviation, need of exclusive geometries, intermediate sizes or more circumferential speed custom-made products – also with alternative materials (EN-GJS, steel, aluminum, plastic, etc.) – possible.

The benefits

  • Individually drilled and grooved according to customer specifications
  • Pull-off threads and adjusting screws can be attached upon request
  • Short-term availability from extensive warehouse
  • Highest quality of imported products
  • Quality examination in own plant prior to delivery to end customer

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