Motor clamping rails according to DIN 42923

The most common motor clamping unit is the motor clamping rails according to DIN   42923. The „DIN clamping rail“ has optimal product properties and there is a large variety of types. The graphite which is enclosed in gray cast lowers vibrations and supports a smooth operation of the belt drive.

The clamping rails is available in 9 different lengths for motor sizes 80 to 355. For bigger drives the in-house standard cramping rail can be used. Custom -made-products are also possible.

Motor clamping rails DIN 42923 
Motor clamping rails DIN 42923
Clamping rails, length 400 
Clamping rails, length 400
Clamping rail, 4 mounting points 
Clamping rail, 4 mounting points

At a glance

  • Material: cast iron EN-GJL-200 (GG-20) DIN EN 1561
  • Produced according to DIN 42923
  • Motor sizes 80 to 355 – bigger upon request
  • Lengths 265 to 1.250 mm
  • Surfaces by default primed / burnished
  • Galvanized screws: extra cost upon request
  • Incl. clamping screws and motor mounting screws
  • Stone bolts upon request

The benefits

  • Entire drive from one provider
  • Perfect for demanding industry belt drives
  • Material properties for reduced vibration
  • For attachment on machine frames or industry floor
  • Availability directly from warehouse
  • Optional supplies available: ground anchor, galvanized motor mounting and clamping screws according to DIN 799

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