Technical documentation and certificates

Material examinations, dimensional checks, balancing quality or varnishing – we document every step. State-of-the-art devices for analysis technology (Spectromax and Heraeus) guarantees constantly high cast quality.

Quality management, controls, examines and documents the production of all components. The surface qualities and permissible residual imbalances of drive elements are determined and documented electronically.

On request, non-destructive material tests are also carried out. Certificates, reports and inspection and acceptance certificates are issued on request for all tests and documentation.

The Mahr 1600 length adjustment device allows permanent checking and adjustment of the measuring equipment. As a result, measuring equipment errors between the regular monitoring intervals are excluded.

With the SPECTRO MAXx 06F we have the equipment for spectral analysis of the chemical components of the material at the highest level.


General measurement protocol 
General measurement protocol

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