Motor clamping rails made of steel

Motor clamping rails made out of steel sheet are a cost-efficient version for standard belt drives. The high-quality galvanized surface guarantees corrosion resistance and longevity. These clamping rails are clearly lighter compared to the cast version and therefore interesting for mobile systems where weight is essential. Despite the small size the torsion-resistant profiles ensure high stability and more power consumption.

Motor clamping rails made of steel are specifically used for lighter drives. Especially with simple applications – such as ventilation technology or low-vibration or stroke-free drives – the steel clamping rail can be a perfect alternative to the standard version made out of cast.

Motor clamping rails made of steel 
Motor clamping rails made of steel
Steel clamping rails 495 
Steel clamping rails 495
Steel clamping rails 395 
Steel clamping rails 395

At a glance

  • Material: steel
  • Motor sizes 63 to 315
  • Lengths 240 to 1,065mm
  • Surfaces galvanized

The benefits

  • Entire drive from one provider
  • All components are perfectly coordinated
  • Universally applicable for standardized industry belt drives
  • For attachment on machine frames or industry floor with foundation blocks according to DIN 799

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