Flat belt pulleys

Flat belt pulleys are important drive elements in many areas because they are efficient, reliable and simple. To optimally fulfill the performance requirements of our costumers all the drives are set up individually. Weight, moment of inertia, geometry and performance parameters are perfectly coordinated. Due to the semi-automatic flexible moulding process, there are no model costs, at the first fabrication and at later geometry adjustments. This flexible procedure allows efficient production and guarantees fast delivery at highest responsiveness.

There are various areas of application of flat belt pulleys. Especially with impact loaded drives that are affected by vibrations, flat belt pulleys have benefits. Flat belt pulleys are mostly run with cylindrical drills. In case of high performance transmissions – with increased hub design – you can also work with clamping sets. Alternatively all pulleys can be produced as Taper-Lock version (TL).

The drives are very flexible and can be produced quickly. The batch size 1 piece for urgent replacement, parts or prototypes as well as series are no problem.

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At a glance


  • Special production according to customers individual specifications or drawings
  • Standard for peripheral speeds up to 42 m/s
  • Maximum pulley diameter 2,500 mm
  • Maximum crown width 750 mm
  • Maximum pulley weight approx. 6,000 kg

Flexible moulding process | Fast delivery

  • Individual model setups are not required – there are no model costs!
  • Manufactured according to DIN 111
  • Change requests or adaptations can be accommodated without costs
  • Short term production and delivery possible
  • TL standard washers in all common diameters incl. TaperLock version of bushings 1008-5050 in stock


  • Standard: Cast iron with lamellar graphite EN-GJL-200 to EN-GJL-300 (GG-20 to GG-30), DIN EN 1561
  • Alternative: Nodular cast iron (EN-GJS-400 to EN-GJS-600) or cast steel (GS), steel welded version or aluminum

Shaft-hub connection

  • Cylindrical bore, with and without keyway
  • With groove and / or set screw
  • Prepared for couplings, flanges, clamping sets or TaperLock bushing

Possible designs

  • Arm, plate or solid disc
  • Double arm / double plate disc with stiffening ribs
  • Two-piece drive pulley
  • Crown crowned according to DIN 111, cylindrical or with rims
  • Conical geometries or saw band rollers
  • Steel / welded constructions

Balancing standards

  • Standard according to DIN 21940-11 in quality grade G16
  • Available in quality grades G6.3 or G2.5 on request

Surface treatment

  • Primed / black oxide finish as standard
  • Individual surface treatment and special painting is also possible
  • Friction coatings made of rubber, silicone and polyurethane

Why Lütgert?

  • Flexible moulding process without individual models and without model cost

  • Special designs according to individual customer specifications or drawings

  • Pulley geometry optimally adapted to the respective drive situation

  • Individual design, control, recalculation and optimization of your drive

  • Individual machining (drilling, grooving, surface treatment...) according to customer specifications

  • Documentation of residual imbalances and surface treatments

  • Detailed documentation to prove material properties, balancing grades and surface treatments possible

  • Full transparency through creation of released drawings

  • Ideal for prototypes, as well as individual or series parts

  • Short-term availability of urgent spare parts during machine downtime

  • Extensive stock

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